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The origin of The Cottage on Main can be traced back to 1998 mingling with the early days of The Payne-Corley House.  This elegant gathering place was founded by five Duluth women known as "The Dreamkeepers”.  At the time of renovation, the old house belonged to Mrs. Winnie Corley.  With some diligent planning, hard work, and well, some dreaming too, the women re-opened the home as a "Tea Room."  Word quickly spread about this unique lunch spot and it became a popular destination for ladies to catch up over lunch, or tea, and host other community gatherings like birthday parties and baby showers!  After operating for several years, the ladies decided to focus solely on the wedding and event business and to the disappointment of many, closed the doors of the ever-so-loved “Tea Room.” 


Later, when The Dreamkeepers sold The Payne-Corley House to Michael and Krista Ganley, and The Payne-Corley House had been renovated to accommodate larger events, The Ganleys built “The Cottage on Main” on the property's 3.5 acres to host smaller private groups. 


With no "lunch spot" in the North Atlanta/Gwinnett area (and with the original dream to become one of the South's premier properties) The Dreamkeepers encouraged The Ganleys to re-open The Cottage to the public.  So in 2012, the ladies came back for an encore and helped The Ganleys by bringing back their loyal customers and creating a unique lunch destination once again. The Cottage on Main was a hidden gem for lunch service until closing in September 2022.  

Now open to groups only, it is the perfect spot for your next social or corporate event.  


The Early Days of the "Tea Room" 

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